Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Sara Salin (Age: 27 Chemist)
Before I started my driving lessons, I very much doubted my ability. I dreamed of driving my own car but believed it to be an impossible dream. Fortunately, that changed when I decided to use Mike's LDC driving school. I find Mike to be very informative, patient, honest and on top of that funny, an easy going driving instructor. I would definitely recommend to everybody.

Chloe Perkins
I have started my driving lessons with Mike, and really enjoyed all of them so far. I was so nervous to start driving lessons, I've been putting it off for years but Mike is really patient and makes you feel at ease (and now I actually look forward to the lessons). As I started my lessons with literally no knowledge of driving, Mike has been extremely patient and makes sure I understand everything in great detail before we move onto another topic. Mike is a great teacher, he's very patient, calm and also goes out of his way to ensure you are devolping at your own pace. He has a great sense of humour and very easy to get on with, which makes a huge difference when you are sat in a car with someone for two hours! I'd really recommend Mike if you are looking for a reliable, patient and friendly driving instructor.

Megan Elizabeth Roe
Had my first lesson with Mike today after not learning for two years. Got through so much in a two hour period which was unexpected! He was completely professional and reassuring when I was anxious. Can’t wait for more lessons, would definitely recommend Mike as an instructor to anyone/everyone.

Chloe Perkins
Anyone who wants a great driving instructor, please get in contact with Mike! He's super patient and has made me really enjoy my lessons (which I never thought I would) - highly recommend 😊

Maria Wren
I have had 3 x 2 hr lessons with Mike so far I have had 30 hrs driving lessons before but my confidence was really low and I have had 3 different instructors but was getting no where. Mike is a very good instructor I was very nervous when I first met him and drove his car but Mike talked through everything with me. He is  very patient and my driving is ok but my clutch control is  not very good on hill starts but Mike talked me through it and even changed seats with me to show me. My driving is now improving and I'm feeling more confident in my self. He always asks what my opinion of the lesson was and if I need to improve on anything in the next lesson, which I do as I'm not perfect I've still got a lot of work to do but I'm sure with Mike teaching me I'm sure that I will get there. I would recommend Mike to friends and anyone else who wants to learn to drive as he is a friendly, patient guy and he will do anything to help you out. P.s You can have a laugh and joke with him to