About me

A little bit of information about me

Hi my name is Mike, and welcome to my website.

I completed my driver instructor training through LDC, and am fully trained to use the LD system. After deciding to learn to become a driving instructor, I researched all the major driving schools in the UK, and decided that LDC was the one for me. I found that they had an impressive track record, had positive reviews from both driving instructors and learners, and I was blown away when I read about the LD system. The learner and the tutor, working together, utilise a teaching method that enhances the time scale of the pupil qualifying. If you live in Wellington, Taunton, Tiverton or surrounding areas, then please feel free to get in touch. Lessons are available between 6am and 8pm most days.

To tell you a little bit about myself. I previously worked in the manufacturing industry, working my way up to a managerial position, and spent a considerable time training staff how to operate computerised machinery, which made me decide that in the future I would like to teach full time. I have 4 fantastic children, which have flown the nest, which, when we meet up, makes that time even more special. I live in Wellington, with my wife Elaine, and have thoroughly loved living here since we moved 6 years ago. We enjoy the steady pace of life and the friendly easy going atmosphere. With Elaine being a home craft enthusiast, I have just completed building a cabin, which Elaine is using to promote her glass fusing business.

Well, I hope this gives you a brief idea about me, and puts your mind at ease when I say that I conduct my driving lessons in a calm, friendly and relaxed manner, as I firmly believe in making pupils feel at ease during lessons, and with this attitude, and utilising the LD method, helps to promote safe motorists for the future. Please feel free to contact me through either my website or mobile. "Contact me"